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Pastor Chirs Hodges scandal conservative

The pastor of the largest church in Alabama has been criticized for liking and following Charlie Kirk’s social media posts. Kirk is the president of Pastor Chris Hodges scandal the conservative non-profit Turning Point USA, which is a high school and college campus organization whose political stances frequently generate controversy.A Birmingham high school English teacher made a Facebook post pointing out that Kirk’s social media posts had been repeatedly “liked” by Church of the Highlands founder Pastor Chris Hodges scandal.Jasmine Faith Clisby, an English teacher at Carver High School with a degree in English from the University of Alabama, a master’s degree in education from UAB, and a doctorate in education from UAB stated, “I do not attend Church of the Highlands.”

Kirk highlighted

One image shared by Kirk highlighted a photograph of Donald Trump remaining close to Muhammad Ali and Rosa Parks, with the subtitle, “The bigoted Donald Trump during the 1980s,” close to a photograph of Vote based Pastor Chris Hodges scandal Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam in a photograph of two men donning blackface and a KKK ensemble in a 1984 yearbook photograph for Eastern Virginia Clinical School. “Progressive Leftist Ralph Northam in the 1980s” was the caption for the second picture.

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Pastor Chirs Hodges scandal  screenshoots

Hodges was one of those who “liked” that post on social media, so Clisby also shared a screenshot of it with him. In a different screenshot, Hodges was seen liking a post about former President Barack Obama playing golf alongside a quote from Michelle Obama pleading with people to stay at home unless they were doing something necessary. Pastor Chris Hodges scandal  Hodges is seen liking a picture of Kirk giving blood above the phrase “We all must do our part to defeat China Virus” in another screenshot.In his online sermon on Sunday morning, Hodges, an active member of the Evangelicals for Trump Coalition, addressed racism and referred to the social media post.

Character on social media

“Racial oppression or any incomparability other than Christ is of Satan,” Hodges said. ” Some have even questioned either me or our church. They’re pondering, Pastor Chris Hodges scandalw here do you truly stand? Some may have seen something that cast doubt on my character on social media. And, by the way, I’ll take ownership of it, but that’s not what I believe.”

Pastor Chirs Hodges scandal Sunday morning

In his Sunday morning sermon and Saturday morning prayer service, Hodges talked a lot about racism.Hodges stated on Sunday, “It has been an extremely tough season for our nation.” Not only the coronavirus, which is escalating tensions but also the racial injustices we are experiencing, of course,” he stated. Pastor Chris Hodges scandal Hodges, who has been dynamic in the Evangelicals for Trump Alliance, tended to prejudice in his web-based lesson Sunday morning and referenced the online entertainment post.

White Supremacy

Hodges stated, “White supremacy or any supremacy other than Christ is of the devil.” Some have even questioned either me or our church. They want Pastor Chris Hodges scandalt o know where you stand. I think some saw something via virtual entertainment that scrutinized my personality. Also, I’ll claim it, coincidentally, yet that isn’t the very thing I accept.Hodges dedicated quite a bit of his morning lesson on Sunday and a request administration on Saturday morning to examining prejudice.

Pastor Chirs Hodges scandal Covid -19

Hodges stated on Sunday, “It has been an extremely tough season for our nation.” Not just the Covid, which has strains at their most elevated, obviously Pastor Chris Hodges scandalt he racial treacheries we’re encountering,” he said.Hodges said, “It is not what we teach.” I comprehend how this has caused you to feel and I am sorry. Truly, it’s justifiable to me. It does not bother me. I am aware that people are currently suffering and desire clarity.

Pastor Chirs Hodges scandal abundantly

I would love for you to look at more than just a tiny zoom-in. I would also like you to look at the entire 37 years of ministry and 19 years of church. Pastor Chris Hodges scandal That will make it abundantly clear that we value everyone. For each individual that has been underestimated, dismissed or disparaged, mishandled or even apprehensive on account of how God made you, Tammy and I, the Congregation of the Good Countries family, stand with you.”

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