PokeDoku is the internet’s first Pokemon based [2024]


I used to believe that I was a stalwart Pokémon fan. I’ve gathered the TCG (exchanging game) since I was six years of age, and I played each game since Pokémon Precious Stone and Pearl while strictly watching each episode of the anime growing up. Nonetheless, another internet browser game, Pokedoku by Doku Games, has caused me to understand that I’m not exactly the superfan I assumed I was.

Every day, Pokedoku will offer a new puzzle that follows the same structure as the Sudoku game. It gives you a nine-by-nine network with three subtleties on the X and Y hub; this could be a Pokémon type, locale, development line, or unique structure, and you then, at that point, need to find which Pokémon squeezes into every one of the nine matrix squares. It could ask you for a Poison/Bug-type Pokémon, such as Beedrill or Venonat, for instance. However, to make things even more difficult, you only have nine chances to guess the Pokémon, so you can’t just guess them all until you get one right.


I have played Pokudoku consistently throughout the previous fourteen days yet haven’t had the option to perfectly finish it. The nearest I’ve been is speculating eight out of the nine Pokémon, just to be thwarted by Rotom (Broiler development) when it requested an Electric/Fire-type Pokémon. I’d lie if I said this trial wasn’t a thump to my certainty, as it’s spread out precisely where the holes in my insight truly are. But that only makes me want to learn more and improve my knowledge of pocket monsters to solve this puzzle once and for all.


Pokedoku is an everyday Pokemon-themed puzzle game that tests your insight into the Pokemon world. The objective is to select a Pokemon from each row and column of a grid for each cell.

How To Play Pokedoku?

You only have nine chances to correctly fill the grid. Because there are no second chances, be strategic. It is possible to get multiple correct answers, but each Pokemon can only be used once in a puzzle.

What is the Pokedoku game’s category?

Pokedoku belongs to the Pokemon grid genre and can be played by people of any age. Pokedoku’s original take on the concept has quickly gained popularity among Pokemon fans who enjoy word games like Wordle.

All in all, Pokedoku is a spellbinding day-to-day puzzle game made by enthusiastic Pokemon fans. It’s a delightful addition to the world of Pokemon gaming, offering rules that are both straightforward and challenging as well as a dynamic gameplay experience. Whether you’re a carefully prepared Pokemon mentor or a novice, Pokedoku offers a tomfoolery and remunerating experience, scrutinizing your insight into the realm of Pokedoku

a POKEDOKU puzzle that was solved by “probably” the first VR player of the game.


The difference between Pokedoku and regular Sudoku is that only one 3 x 3 sub-grid contains text and Pokemon types. Players of PokeDoku input potential Pokemon to guess blocks; Using the Pokemon types that are displayed on either axis of the grid, you can deduce these.

There are nine chances for players to complete the grid and the option to “Give Up.” If you’re still not sure, the only options are Hisuian Zorua or Hisuain Zoroark if your square matches both the Normal and Ghost types.

Some players may be deceived by the 3 x 3 grid into thinking the game is too easy. However, the game will present a subtly complex challenge in 2023 with 1021 distinct Pokedoku and over 171 distinct type combinations.

Additionally, printable, the daily grid puzzles range in difficulty from easy to extremely difficult. The game’s variable difficulty is a great way for people of all ages to gradually improve their ability to solve problems.


How to submitte Pokrdoku puzzles?

Puzzles submitted by Pokedoku communities and fans will be published each day at midnight EST. Try this difficult puzzle from the Stunkfish subreddit or this one that the competitive Pokedoku website Smogon posted on Twitter.

Amusing photos of people playing on strange interfaces, such as this person trying to play on their Samsung Smart Fridge, have even been submitted by Twitter users.

It even has a “Hidden” browser that can be used on the Apple Watch. Users can get to it by emailing themselves a link to the website.

Pokedoku Unlimited is an exciting combination of solving Sudoku-style puzzles and having knowledge of Pokémon. The goal is to select the correct Pokémon from among the nine options on the grid. Since you only have nine guesses, each choice counts. Recall that different right responses are conceivable, and when you utilize a Pokémon for a crate, your decision is locked. A new special element is added in the third column. It can feature legendaries from different regions and more. Pokedoku can have two types if they match the type in the row next to them. When dealing with particular regions, pay close attention to the accuracy of the region. The challenge is varied and interesting thanks to the inclusion of Mega Evolutions and Legendary Pokémon. Don’t worry if you don’t get all nine answers right the first time because Pokedoku Unlimited is an unlimited version that lets you improve your skills and try to be perfect.


Pokedoku Unlimited combines the classic appeal of Sudoku puzzle solving with the adored world of Pokémon. This game is a great way to test your knowledge of Pokémon, strategic thinking, and ability to solve problems. The pressure is on to select the ideal Pokémon for each cell, but you only have nine options. Whether you’re a Pokémon devotee or a Sudoku fan searching for a new contort, Pokedoku Limitless commitments long stretches of enamoring ongoing interaction. Can you accurately complete each of the nine boxes to become a true Pokedoku champion? Give it a shot and see what happens!

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